Satin stitch pillow cases

Pillow Case 300TC


Duvet Cover Set 300TC

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Duvet Cover Set 600TC


600 Thread Count Bed Linen with an Oxford border and satin stitch detailing.
Includes 2 std pillow cases

Care instructions:
– High wash temperatures above 40 degrees can cause excessive shrink in cotton products. Below 40 degrees is recommended

About Pure Cotton:
– As with cotton clothing, pure cotton is breathable, comfortable and luxurious in comparison to polycotton. It also lasts longer than polycotton.
– Pure cotton does require ironing, but this is easy if slightly damp or sprayed with water before ironing. The advantages of pure cotton bedding however make this a fair trade-off.
– For hospitality establishments, pure cotton will allow you to achieve higher ratings, revenue and is almost always preferred by European travellers.

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